Potato skins.

Potato skins…what are they? But skins of potatoes. Such is the question that I often ask about myself. And this brings me back to tumblr…after a year away. Yes. I’ve been absent. Burrowed under ground, quite like potatoes.

Oh, cruel world. What kind of potato am I? What kind of skin do I have? What has emerged from the soiled ground of this world? Will people want to consume me, in all that I am? A potato in its skin.

Incomprehensible words run through my mind. I do not understand them…because they are incomprehensible… They turn to mush…quite like mashed potatoes. How fitting. Indeed. I am a potato…but mashed. But still retaining my essence. Of potato.

Farewell, from a couch potato. I know that this is abrupt. But that is life. As I’ve discovered.